Johnny returns today on 21/07 at filming in Lynn, Massachusetts, again featured as Whitey Bulger for the movie tentatively titled "Black Mass".
On set the presence of actress Amber Heard, his fiancée, who is always present in all their activities, whether at work or in social life, where the agenda of the two permits.
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    The Book of Jonathan Shaw, NARCISA - OUR LADY OF ASHES revised English is in pre-sale. The book written in Brazil, has a foreword by Johnny Depp.

    Jonathan Shaw, via FB:
    EXCELLENT NEWS! HarperCollins is now taking pre-orders for the new, revised edition of U.S. NARCISA, coming to a bookstore near you in early 2015. Paperback $ 14.39 Kindle, $ 10.99
    Pre-order your copy at the link below: amazon.com

    "The HarpperCollins publisher is doing the pre-sale of the new book with a revised edition in English NARCISA. Coming to you at your nearest bookstore at the beginning of 2015. "


    NARCISA - OUR LADY OF ASHES was published in 2008 in the U.S., and was a great success. The book was revised and expanded by Jonathan. It was released this year in France and is now being released in the USA. According to JS, he's doing a translation in conjunction with the Brazilian poet, Talita Cassanelli and the book will have its Portuguese edition. We are anxiously waiting.

    In the preface of the book Jonathan, Johnny says:

    Finally, after twenty years of flattery, adulation, discussions, and basic pinpricks on my part, my old scoundrel brother, Jonathan Shaw put his pen to paper, and dragging yourself tiring of virulent and violent hallucinations of your fucking brain. I waited too much for it.

    So, whoever you believe me. If you did not know before, now you will. If you do not want to know, tough luck. Once he enters his mind, he is.
    The words of Jonathan Shaw, work, life, the lives, deaths, the esbravejos, anger, joy is among the best of modern art.

    If Hubert Selby Jr., Charles Bukowski, Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Neil Cassady, Dr. Hunter S.Thompson, The Marquis de Sade, Antonio Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto, Edward Teach, Charley Parker, Iggy Pop, Louis -Ferdinand Celine, R. Crumb, Robert Williams, Joe Coleman, Dashiell Hammett, EM Cioran and all Three Stooges had been involved in an oily, shameful, wicked orgy of whores, Shawn Jonathan would certainly be his diabolical creation failed.

    As was published in Brazil yet, still unfortunately not had the opportunity to read, but based on analyzes collected in the surveys, we can say that it is a novel set in the beautiful and dangerous urban jungle of Rio de Janeiro. The narrator "Gypsy"; recounts his love affair with Narcissa, a young prostitute, drug addict, involved in theft and violence. A young intelligent, manipulative, charismatic and insane. Their adventures are told with hilarious and tragic details with adrenaline addiction, compulsive sex and unconditional love. Written in a style eerily voyeuristic, the unforgettable characters of Shaw transit tenements and slums of Rio This is the vice of a person by another is usually called 'love', but many people will not consider this book a history of love. Inspired by real events with fictional characters, Narcissa became a cult classic. In Narcissa, lies the same profile and experiences of people of which the majority of society departs or turns a blind eye, found in the literature Beat and Bukowski.

    To learn more about Jonathan click HERE.


      Johnny Depp, who is filming Black Mass in various parts of Boston, takes the clearances to visit restaurants, bookstores, shops. On your way always appear lucky fans and staff of those places that has the pleasure of knowing him, take pictures, get autographs.
      Johnny always available and helpful to everyone.

      These images are from yesterday July 19:

      Boston Bostonfãs Boston19

      More pictures of these moments and credits in Gallery


        Tonight (07/16/14) in Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA, near Boston, Bad Boys joined a very special guest.
        Actor Johnny Depp took the stage to perform with Aerosmith "Train Kept a Rollin '
        In 2012, Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry Depp presented the Generation Award at the MTV Movie Awards.
        Depp then celebrated through a performance on stage with The Black Keys.
        Aerosmith is currently on tour in the U.S. Let Rule Rock Tour with Slash. The tour ends at the Open Hearth Park in Sydney, NS on September 12.

        Source / Source
        In the picture, Johnny before the show, with his fiancée Amber Heard.


        Photo Gallery
        Watch a video of the presentation:


          Today's News from the Boston Herald.com

          Johnny Depp and Sienna Miller get some Disco Fever in Randolph

          There was a bad case of Disco Fever at Vincent's nightclub in Randolph yesterday where the "Black Mass" cast - Johnny Depp's Whitey Bulger, Rory Cochrane's Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi, Sienna Miller's Catherine Greig, Jesse Plemons to Kevin Weeks, Joel Edgerton's John Connolly AND THEIR molls - busted some moves to Thelma Houston's "Do not Leave Me This Way" in what was supposed to be a Miami nightclub.
          The scene was apparently some sort of precursor to the murder of John Callahan of World Jai Alai fame (Which is probably why the DJ did not play "I Will Survive"). Much of the action Involved Depp / Bulger giving the actor portraying the soon-to-be-Callahan Departed the stink eye while everyone else did the Hustle. More than 80 extras in extra-groovy '70s outfits were on the dance floor for the Vincent's shoot. Earlier in the day, cameras rolled for another scene Involving the press conference about Callahan's murder. And that's a wrap ...



          Johnny Depp and Sienna Miller have been in disco Randolph

          Yesterday there was an episode out of season Disco (Disco Fever), at the nightclub Vincent in Randolph, where the cast of "Black Mass" - Johnny Depp as Withey Bulger, Rory Cochrane as Stephen "TheRifleman" Flemmi, Sienna Miller as Catherine Greig, Jesse Plemons as Kevin Weeks, Joel Edgerton as John Connolly and fellow gangsters - danced to "Do not Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston, in what should be a Miami nightclub.

          The scene was apparently a sequel of the death of John Callahan, the famous mafia gang World Jai Alai (probably why the DJ did not play "I Will Survive"). Much of the action scene involved Depp / Bulger, where the actor portrays the moment sees the "future deceased" Callahan, while everyone else danced the "hustle" (dance step).
          More than 80 extras dressed in the style of the 70 were on the dance floor for filming in Vincent.
          Earlier in the day, the cameras filmed another scene involving a press conference on the murder of Callahan. And that's a twist ...

          Thanks to Emma JDZone
          Thanks to Ana Paula and Andresa the translation.



            Today released new photos of Johnny Depp in Boston, during the filming of Black Mass (tentative title).

            The first is the probable date of June 18, it appears the game X Cameroon Croatia in Manaus on the TV screen in the background.

            "My daughter Brea at work soundtrack Boston hanging out with Johnny Depp!"
            Sheilah Thomas

            "My daughter working in Brea soundcheck spending time with Johnny Depp"


            In Lombard, Boston, with police for filming Black Mass.
            Lombardo is an event center in Boston, with halls used for weddings and other events.

            "David Mullen @ DMullen_Photo
            RPD & Johnny Depp today at Lombardo's in Randolph for # blackmass ".



              Johnny Depp and Sienna Miller recorded yesterday, 10 beach scenes. This video, made by a spectator shows the extras arriving by bus, the whole ambiance of the 70s and the Revere Beach in Boston, featured with palm trees to look like Miami Beach.
              Johnny appears sunning with Sienna Muller, huddled in a beach chair. She makes the character's wife Whitey Burger.

              Depp, whose trailer was parked near the crowd that gathered to watch the spectacle, smiled and waved to fans, posed for some pictures and signed a few autographs for some children.
              The cast and crew are expected to return to the beach to shoot some scenes at night.


              More photos in GALLERY DL

              Thanks@JD.ru and @ JDZone


                Added to the Gallery, pictures Johnny Depp in Revere Beach interacting with fans during breaks in the filming of Black Mass (tentative name of the film), which is being shot in various locations in Boston.
                Johnny appears Withey characterized as Bulger, with a spectacular makeup created by Joel Harlow Designs, using a silicone mask, filling the body, blue contact lenses and prosthetic teeth.
                The premiere is scheduled for September 18, 2015.


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