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April 20 • by Salette • 25 CommentsMovies , The Rum Diary

Today Brazil debut in the film Diary Drunk ((The Rum Diary)


We could not afford to omit this fact here on the Blog. Many people do not understand why the film is not debuting nationally, but only in a few theaters in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia.
Unbelievable leave out whole regions, like the South, Midwest, North and Northeast.
The explanation is that those responsible for the dissemination of the film seems to have no idea of ​​the importance and meaning of Hunter Thompson!

For if Johnny was in England at Oxford disclosing, through debate, and the United States in various colleges, here and everywhere, should have followed the same project, involving academics and journalists. Because it is not a commercial film.

If people only favors popular horror movies, action and comedy, it's because the propaganda leads to it.
Show them the best, explain why things that surely the public is smart enough to understand. This also occurs in music.
Then the movie will surely have a bad box office, not for being a bad movie, but because it is not understood and has not been distributed to all the public.

Johnny Depp said he would like to promote "The Rum Diary" with a bus tour through colleges.

"It's a special little film," says Depp, "The Rum Diary" is one that I feel should be promoted very unlike most films.
Sure, there are the press conferences (press junkets), premieres and everything. But Hunter used to do lectures at colleges and stuff.
I feel like I want Bruce and I getting on a bus and drove to three or four different colleges, and go talk to people. "

For those who want to know a little more of the reasons that led Johnny to make this film, read my post this a few months ago, when the US debut
And good movie!

    25 Responses to "Diary Drunk"

    1. Salete ... it is an ignorance that people display in not available in all Brazilian cinemas, leaving entire states out! It's a shame ... : Cry:
      Another work that has not been well recognized.

    2. I think they should have released the film for all cities, but I confess I watched the movie and found it terrible what they did to the ideas that have come out of the project could not happen or was poorly prepared.
      Anyway, anyway, there are people who are fans of the cast, fans of Hunter S. Thompson and Bruce would like to see the film in theaters.

    3. Well at least someone knew criticize. See: : Idea:


    4. I really really annoying not having distributed the film for viewing in large circuit, because I believe that should give everyone the right to see it.
      I watched him, I understood, but did not like it. With the exception of the ever so brilliant acting of Depp, the film did not please me, unfortunately. Abs at all.

    5. And I would say that an article like this and a post like that, truly promote The Rum Diary.
      Congratulations, Sa!

    6. It's such a shame the film does have its premiere nacionla, and he certainly has the ability to reach a large audience !!!

    7. Hi,
      Sá required by post !!!
      It's a shame the film was not able to be distributed throughout Brazil, it is a great movie !!! And Johnny ♥ is spectacular as always !!!
      I loved the movie !!!
      Johnny / Paul ♥ is perfect !!!
      I read the book, liked and also loved the adaptation for the film !!!
      Tosches, after interviewing Johnny ♥, said the film was more based on the book that he was inspired by the book and written with the view of a Hunter was older !!! After the Hunter found his "voice" (his way of writing and how he himself) !!!
      The idea came from Bruce and Johnny loved !!! ♥
      So they added a few things in the movie !!!
      And other changes came from the interpretation of the book by Bruce !!! How to join the characters of the book, and Paul Yeamon into one, because the two are divided Hunter himself !!!
      The film also has the looks of Johnny ♥, a scene "hot" and of course, Johnny !!! ♥ : Mrgreen:
      The book is not autobiographical, but is based on the experiences that Hunter spent in Puerto Rico !!! ♥ Johnny was a good friend of Hunter and Bruce wanted to score the film the situations that contributed to Hunter being the one who became known !!! As their "voice", his way of writing, "ink and rage" and their way of understanding human society that appears in the film through the "conversation" with lobster !!!
      I enjoyed the movie !!! It is a beautiful tribute to Hunter, is another great interpretation of Johnny ♥ !!!
      The adaptation for the film is very good and has the right tone for the season, and time for Hunter !!!
      I loved the movie !!! I loved the songs !!! At the end of the credits goes to "The Mermaid Song" sung by Patti Smith !!! This song features the Johnny ♥ the only instrumental version !!!
      And Johnny ♥ is beautiful and wonderful as always !!!
      Clara : Grin:

    8. Thank you Clara !!
      I have not watched, but I have followed throughout the project since 2009, and believe I have the same impressions you.

    9. Depplovers of my heart, I sent an email to Vinny Movies and the answer was this:

      "Good afternoon,

      The Vinny Films offers films to be shown in cinemas and exhibitors (theaters) choose whether to show the film or not, always getting the choice of the player. The Vinny Films aims obviously maximum movie theaters showing the film, but as in Brazil there are few movie theaters, some exhibitors prefer to view films that bring grossing (sales) to it, more commercial films. And often harming movies like "Diary Drunk". Probably the film will go on throughout Brazil, but on different dates. "

      Now, we wait * - *

    10. : Shock: our guys, that discouragement that ta this here
      ta looking like the release of the film The Tourist lol : Roll:
      not yet watched it, Clara's comment that gave me a lively kkkk
      I have not even seen, I think they should give a chance for the film, here in Brazil had practically no disclosure, because I know I sooo unfair, even if the movie is bad or not? the movie PIRANHA 3D was released in the largest part of Brazil, well, I guess not even need to explain, right? : |

    11. Yeah Pollyana, but when displaying Pirates of the Caribbean 5, he also held all cinemas in Brazil and widely disseminated, including several films had difficulty launching on occasion, for lack of space. And so even one day of hunting and other hunter, lol. Kisses to you.

    12. Hi,
      The movie is wonderful !!!
      Part of dissemination, distribution and exhibition complex is !!! And for me, the movie will appear over time in other cities too !!!
      But these issues, certainly not interfere in the fact that the Diary Drunk is an excellent movie !!!
      And when they watch the movie, pay attention to the main points !!! All of us who have followed the work of Johnny ♥, know what they are, but if they want to remember, I stressed them in my previous comment in this post !!!
      Who has the film being shown in any theater near you, go for it is an opportunity to watch a great movie, with acting, as always, fantastic Johnny ♥ and imbued with a large and sensitive tribute to his friend, gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson !!!
      And Johnny is as always ♥, lindíiiiiiissimo !!!!
      So my tip is cinema, popcorn and
      Johnny / Paul ♥ !!! : Mrgreen:
      Clara : Grin:

    13. Legal Clara you expose your opinion about the film and defend it with such enthusiasm! This is democracy. We expose our perceptions of things and say if a movie captivated us or not. We are finding us every day with news where you kill simply because people do not tolerate, not accept the differences and do not respect opinions that differ from yours. I think the artist appreciates differing opinions. I think it is very rewarding to know that there was no audience likes a particular job he did, because if he only find people who like everything he does, he just does not have room for improvement, and we all know that while we live we are learning even improve. Kisses to you.

    14. Hi,
      Laura, we are certainly in a democratic space where everyone can air your opinions !!
      And so I laid my sincere and true opinion !!!
      I also know that some details of the film were shown through interviews and I know that not everyone could join them !!! So, along with my opinion I added the

    15. Hi,
      sorry, I'm using a new iPad and sometimes I fumble !!! : Lol:
      But, regarding any contrary opinion, for sure !!!!
      With the same certainty that I loved the movie !!!
      And I have many reasons for this !!!
      Did my comment with the intention of disagreeing with anyone, just wanted to add my opinion !!!
      I just saw now, Laura, you've seen the movie ... maybe if you re-watch it carefully commented on these points, as well as having the pleasure of seeing Johnny ♥ once again, you can enjoy the movie !!! Well, just a hint !!!
      Clara : Grin:

    16. Hi Laura
      is actually part of the movie : Smile:

    17. I watched's been a while that movie.
      I expected more, but I liked it, I thought it was funny.

    18. Clara, thank you for the tips and for their ability to accept so elegantly my considerations. Would you rather take your advice and watch the movie again, but believe me, I'm a cinephile, and as such, my critical eye is very keen. But your comments are very valid and especially if you notice has knowingly. Big hug.

    19. That movie !! Wonderful! Johnny more beautiful than ever!
      And thrilled me too much homage to Hunter. The changes made from the book to honor Hunter happened. Only then I understood what Johnny meant for the dissemination of the film, on this honor. They managed to put the clearly political thought and the attitude of the journalist Hunter! Johnny save, save Bruce!

    20. And attention, criticism of the film TamyDP posted above there is just so true about the movie. If anyone wants to really understand what the movie is about, please see the critique! Perfect and smart.

    21. I just ameeei the film.
      I see Johnny in every detail of the construction of the film,
      percebese all the love and dedication he had to do a good job. And got !!

      I understand that not everyone will like, as with any film.
      But TRD is a sensational film. Do not have a beginning, a climax and a surprising end, but no less interesting nonetheless. It chronicles the life of a journalist who seeks recognition and someone to share it, and a good dose of rum, of course.
      The film is a tribute belissima the hunter in all possible ways. I'm sure from upstairs, he told an attentive "thank you" to Johnny, and he, in turn, felt that he fulfilled his duty and promise to an old friend.

    22. I particularly found the maximum TRD. Of course, like any artistic expression, in any media (cinema, theater, music, etc.) may be divergent opinions, and all of them have to be respected, of course.
      I like assiduous lover Hunter and everything related to it, I'm suspect to talk. I saw the Hunter every minute of the film, and found a splendid tribute that was made to him in the movie. Johnny gave a concert of action, and it is a shame that the film does not reach everyone, at least not for now.
      Monitor the entire production, wait for the movie for 3 years and finally see it, it was magical haha. And I can not wait to watch it again!

    23. What I have to say about that TRD is ... ..

      It's a "cult" film, to intelligent and educated people .... the rest is rest.

      And Johnny, for once, does not disappoint ...
      is MA-RA-VI-LHO-SO !!!

    24. The Rum Diary is divine. Waiting so long and really, Johnny does not disappoint, knew perfectly represent Hunter.
      It is a movie to see, review, and relish in the role of Johnny, especially if joining sighs with depp girlfriends. hahaha

      I'm rooting for it to go to other states and cities. ;-)

    25. Perfect interpretation of Johnny, a beautiful tribute to Hunter and to spare, so much fun!
      This movie is one of my favorites.

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