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Happy Birthday Johnny Depp!

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Every June 9th, in addition to a very happy day, is also a day to be thankful.
We have to thank you for your strength, your joy, your persistence, courage, humility and competence that encourage us to face life and carry it with your great example of determination.
We are stronger because you have taught us how to be.

We hope that on this important day, you spend hours in the company of people who truly love you and makes you happy.
We wish you all the happiness in the world, my dear! May you receive the energy sent by the thousands of fans and friends from all over the world and transform it into protection, health, creativity, and love.

This is our usual message we have repeated over the years because it renews the vows that we made and they have protected you all this time…
The light that all your fans has sent you has made you better and better.
The quality and fidelity to you is more refined.

May the world always send you good things and may the wind always bring you back to us

We can only celebrate.
Celebrate the actor who innovates with each performance.
Celebrate the musician who increasingly reveals more sensitivity and competence. The musician who rips his heart and brings up all those feelings and delights us with his emotions.
The voice that keeps us silent and touches us. The veins that bumps and show us that life has a beat.

To celebrate your beauty.
It would be a mistake to not to talk about it. It’s tremendous.
Sorry, we cannot help it.
Or maybe I can talk about your beautiful eyes, your silky hair, your smile, your characteristic walk, arms… Ah the arms… The voice… Ah your voice!
Johnny… There’s plenty to talk about you. You are an endless source of themes to talk about, analyze and inspire.

What a privilege we have! Congratulations to you and congratulations to us!
Congratulations on your life, on your family and on the good people around you. Everything came at the right time, and you know when to say yes or no or to nothing at all at the right times. Each one was a learning phase.

Madness? Throw it all up? Johnny is like that. He is all of that.

And we are Depplovers!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Johnny Depp!

  1. Adriana disse:

    Happiness and lots of love to this man who has light, strength and courage in his heart. The person whose characters on screens and personal character bring us so much joy and pride. Happy birthday, Johnny.

  2. Carla Leite disse:

    Parabéns ! Muitas Felicidades ! todos os teus sonhos e desejos se tornem realidade! votos da fã Carla Leite de Portugal 🇵🇹🎁🎂🥂🍾🎉🎉🎉🎉😘😘😘

  3. Suellen disse:

    Johnny, parabéns!!! Eu desejo que bençãos de Deus estejam sobre sua vida! Que tudo o que já de melhor neste mundo se realize para você! I love you!

  4. regina Maria cardoso disse:

    olaaa meu nome e Regina e como voces sou mto fa do Johnny , voces sabem se ele tem algum rede social?nunca encontrei :/ bjss obg pelo trabalho de voces assim a gente fica por dentro de tudo que aocntece na vida dele.bjss

  5. Angel cris disse:

    Parabéns Johnny Depp td de melhor em sua vida, sucesso sempre 🥰😍👏👏👏
    Estamos com você 🙏

  6. Salete disse:

    Oi Regina! O Johnny não tem nenhuma rede social.
    Johnny abriu conta no Instagram e no facebook no mes de abril de 2020
    São elas:

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